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So often we tend to forget what has happened in the past. I see it more and more in politics and certainly in fisheries management. When we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat it. What seems like 'a great new idea' has probably been tried. If it was such a great idea, then everyone would be doing it now. If we are not doing it now, it's probably because it was a failure.

4/24/09 - A condensed version of grouper along w/ red snapper info

4/23/09 - Here's the new grouper rule, long version that takes effect 5/18/09

4/16/09 - FWC proposes change to Gulf red snapper sport season

4/16/09 - FWC proposes Gulf grouper rule changes, click here

4/10/09 - Gulf red snapper season on hold until June 1

3-27-09 - Gulf gag grouper sport season reopens April 1

Spiny lobster harvest season closes April 1

3/25/09-FWC arrests 4, seizes 4,000 pounds of fish in felony bust

3/13/09 Gulf grouper fisheries set to reopen March 15

3/4/09- Some of you may be interested in the state of the charter boatr industry in Florida. Read the testimony before the Florida Legislature here

2/13/09-Grouper season closures set to help here

2/5/09-FWC changes Gulf red snapper sport season...Click Here

FWC amends lobster traps here
Blue crab closed seasons approved to aid cleanups
New rules approved for harvest of aquarium species
Penalties proposed for blue crab trap program violations
FWC sorts through rule proposals at Sandestin

12/29/08 - New Gulf grouper, amberjack and triggerfish rules take effect Jan. 1, Click here for full release

1/30/2009 - FWC lauds sea turtle protection proposal

Sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico may get more protection, thanks to a vote on Thursday by a federal fisheries management agency recommending emergency action to prohibit the use of a type of fishing gear that incidentally catches sea turtles in their offshore habitat on the west Florida shelf of the eastern Gulf.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) supported Thursday’s vote by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to ask the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service to implement a temporary emergency rule prohibiting bottom longline reef fishing in waters less than 50 fathoms (300 feet deep) for the entire eastern Gulf of Mexico.
“We are extremely pleased with and supportive of the Gulf council’s proposal to reduce sea turtle injury and mortality associated with this fishing activity,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto.
A 2006-2007 NOAA Fisheries Service report indicates the number of threatened loggerhead sea turtles that have been caught in the bottom longline fishery has exceeded authorized levels.  The temporary emergency rule restricting the use of longline gear in Gulf waters off Florida where sea turtles are found would reduce the fishing impacts on this threatened species until the Gulf fishery council can further develop a reef fish plan amendment that will address the issue in the long term.
If the NOAA Fisheries Service implements the Gulf council’s proposed emergency rule, it would be in effect for 180 days, and it could be extended for an additional 186 days.

1/30/2009-Ready for more mind-numbing fisheries management babble? Click here for: SUMMARY OF THE REEF FISH MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - Remember; this is your tax dollars at work.
Attached is the reef fish committee report with the committee motions and new motions that were approved by the council. The important info is highlighted in yellow. You see that there was a motion passed to initiate an options paper to consider sector separation along with other issues. The GOMARS proposal and the SOS plan will both be considered. Days at sea, sector separation, endorsements, logbooks, vms, and other issues will be looked at.
You will also see the comments from Dr. Crabtree that the red snapper fed season may only be a few days longer than 2 months.

1/28/09-North Florida spotted seatrout season closes, Atlantic snook reopens Feb. 1

1/28/09-Gulf gag grouper season closes Feb. 1

1/22/09 GULF OF MEXICO REEF FISH SEASONAL CLOSURES AND GROUPER REGULATION CHANGES here *Note: the proposed Amendment DOES NOT close the season for COMMERCIAL grouper fishermen, only recreational!

The decision to no longer monitor the 121 MHz radio frequency was made by the international satellite-based search and rescue organization, COSPAS/SARSAT, nearly nine years ago, giving time for mariners to transition to the newer technology.

NOAA Issues Final Guidance on Annual Catch Limits to End Overfishing

Gulf Council info for upcoming meeting Jan. 26th.

1/18/09 - Letter of intent to sue NMFS over bottom longlining in the Gulf..Click Here

1/17/09 - National Registry for Recreational Anglers click here

1/16/09 - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will meet at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Sandestin Feb. 4-5. for complete agenda Click Here

1/16/09 - NOAA Issues Final Guidance on Annual Catch Limits to End Overfishing - Click here

1/16/09 - Saltwater Recreational Fishermen Boon for Economy, Says NOAA - Click Here

1/13/09 - NOAA Establishes Eight Marine Protected Areas to Provide Safe Havens for Deep-Water Fish - Click Here


Possible four month recreational grouper fishing closure. Click Here
Fishing Laws Working Too Well!!??
Here's a comical news release everyone should get a kick out of.

National Marine Fisheries Service sticks it to us again.. Click here for story
The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council will meet in January for some very important discussions: Click here
The latest Net-Scam from the commercial netters,
reported by Florida Sportsman Magazine - Click Here for story RESOLVED by the Florida Marine Bureau!
Latest info on the GPS system
- IMPORTANT to all boaters and fishermen! Click here for story

Administration shows its contempt for America's anglers - by the Editor of Sport Fishing Magazine
Clic the link below:

12/23/08 - NOAA to Create Saltwater Angler Registry in 2010 NOAA’s Fisheries Service released its final rule today to create a national saltwater angler registry of all marine recreational fishermen to help the nation better protect our shared marine resources. A requirement to establish a registry was included in a statute approved by Congress in 2007. Click here for full release

12/4/08 - FWC approves Gulf gag and red grouper rule changes
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Thursday approved rule amendments for gag grouper in Gulf of Mexico state waters that are consistent with interim regulations in Gulf federal waters.  In addition, the FWC approved a rule amendment to allow Florida recreational anglers to harvest more red grouper in Gulf state waters....for more click here

12/4/08 - Size limits changed for Gulf amberjack and triggerfish The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission approved new rules Thursday to increase the minimum size limits for greater amberjack and gray triggerfish in Gulf of Mexico state waters.  This action is consistent with new regulations in Gulf federal waters, which extend beyond nine nautical miles offshore of Florida...for more click here

12/4/08 - FWC proposes Gulf red snapper sport season change The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) proposed a draft rule Thursday to change the recreational harvest season for red snapper in Gulf of Mexico state waters.  A final public hearing on this proposed action will take place during the FWC’s February meeting in Destin...for more click here


11/20/08 - Commerce and Interior Departments Announce Launch of National System of Marine Protected Areas click here

The FWC will be discussing the recreational red snapper issues for 2009.  These could include, and not be limited to, having the state be compatible with the NMFS on all red snapper regs, separation of the for-hire sector from the private/recreational sector within the total recreational sector, requiring electronic logbooks and VMSs (vessel monitoring systems on all federal reef fish permitted for-hire vessels), changing the recreational season, and other issues regarding red snapper.  Action by the fwc at this meeting could include preparing for final action at their Feb 09 meeting on any alternatives discussed at the key west meeting.  If you have concerns about recreational red snapper and what the fwc may propose then you should attend this meeting to express your views or send your comments to the FWC staff. 

Florida FWC Meeting Dec 3-4 for info click here

10/2/2008 - The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council appears to be on the verge of major changes in recreational fishing regulations, both for private fishermen and charter boats. Get involved IMMEDIATELY or you may be restricted so much that it's not worth fishing.

These issues are important! Either get out there and get involved in the process, or possibly watch your fishing become history!

10/7/2008 - NMFS announces the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (Council) has submitted Amendment 30B to the Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for the Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico for review, approval, and implementation by NMFS. The amendment proposes actions to end overfishing of gag, revise red grouper management measures as a result of changes in the stock condition, establish annual catch limits (ACLs) and accountability measures (AMs) for gag and red grouper, manage shallow-water grouper (SWG) to achieve optimum yield (OY), and improve the effectiveness of Federal management measures.

Copies of Amendment 30B, which includes an environmental impact statement, an initial regulatory flexibility analysis, and a regulatory impact review may be obtained from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, 2203 North Lois Avenue, Suite 1100, Tampa, FL

33607; telephone 813-348-1630; fax 813-348-1711; e-mail; or may be downloaded from the Council's website at

DATES: Written comments must be received on or before December 29, 2008.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments on Amendment 30B, identified by ``0648-AV80'' by any of the following methods:

     Electronic Submissions: Submit all electronic public comments via the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal:

     Fax: 727-824-5308; Attention: Peter Hood.

     Mail: Peter Hood, Southeast Regional Office, NMFS, 263 13th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

    Instructions: All comments received are a part of the public record and will generally be posted to without change. All Personal Identifying Information (for example, name, address, etc.) voluntarily submitted by the commenter may be publicly accessible. Do not submit Confidential Business Information or otherwise sensitive or protected information.

To submit comments through the e-Rulemaking Portal:, enter ``NOAA-NMFS-2008-0203'' in the keyword search and then select ``send a comment or submission.'' NMFS will accept anonymous comments (enter N/A in the required fields, if you

wish to remain anonymous). You may submit attachments to electronic comments in Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, or Adobe PDF file formats only.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Peter Hood, 727-824-5305.


FWC Red Snapper News Releases, click here

Letter from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to the Gulf of Mexico Council 9/19/2008

Grouper regs, August 2008-Gulf of Mexico Council press release

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IMPORTANT GPS, DGPS, WAASDGPS information. If you are planning a purchase of any GPS product, READ THIS FIRST! Click here for information from USCG , Furuno, and others.
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Have you seen a fisheries violation in federal waters? If so, call NOAA Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement and let them know at 1-800-853-1964
Archived news: Click Here


Fishing Laws Working Too Well!!?? Here's a comical news release everyone should get a kick out of.

Bait purse seine information in the Tampa Bay Area

Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council is meeting in January regarding shrimp and grouper: Click here

The latest Net-Scam from the commercial netters, reported by Florida Sportsman Magazine - Click Here for story - RESOLVED by the Florida Marine Bureau!

GPS - Now and the Future

NMFS Gulf of Mexico grouper regulations, May 17, 2000

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