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Links on boating, sailing, PWCs, paddling, water skiing, scuba diving, builders, parts, charters, safety, maintenance, classic boats, magazines, docks & lifts, marinas, clubs, sailboarding, regions, waterfront properties, dealers,classified section, organizations, waterways navigation, charts, hovercraft, trailers, paints, and so much more.

Ken Preston Custom Rods and Professional Repairs  Provides information
about ports around the continental US and Hawaii. lists
marinas, lofts, chandlers, hotels and more. We also feature articles
about boating events and shows, cruising and yacht racing. Our gallery
has several hundred high quality photographs and a special program to
create wallpaper free of charge. 

"B&B Worldwide Fishing Adventures" another good source for Florida fishing information.

Premium information on the world of fishing and boating, great site! Capt. Butch Rickey in Pine Island Sound, Florida Worldwide Fishing Adventures

Alaska & Washington Salmon, Steelhead, and Halibut Fishing
  "If it's wild, let it go!"

Outer Banks Fishing   Rick's Chauffeured Guide Service, Springfield, MO

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