Capt. Charlie's Grilled Fish

This is preferable to "broiled fish" but still not as good as "fried fish".

You will need:

• Fish (see the first two recipes) • Grill (gas or charcoal, makes no difference except at clean-up time) • wire basket to hold the fish or Reynolds wrap to cover the grill • olive oil or Italian dressing • salt • pepper • garlic • onion powder • paprika • lemon or lime • fork

Start by getting the grill hot. Soak your fish in either olive oil or Italian dressing for a few minute to coat them. Salt and pepper your fish, garlic and onion are OK too, and place them in a wire basket, if you have one, or line the grill with Reynolds wrap and place the fish on the grill. This is just like broiling the fish, but the grill gives it a better character. Your fish will be done when it flakes with a fork. If you drink one beer while cooking your fish, at the end of the beer, the fish will probably be over-cooked. If this happens, Old Forester added to your next beer will ease the discomfort of eating over-cooked fish.(You may substitute Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, or any other suitably intoxicating brand of bourbon to help the flavor)

Good eating,

Capt. Charlie

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