Capt. Charlie's Broiled Fish 

The only real reason for anyone to broil fish is if they are out of the ingredients for "basic fried fish" and can’t wait long enough for a trip to the store.(grin) So here it is:

Broiled Fish

•Fish - skinless and boneless is preferred but not mandatory.
• butter or olive oil, or mix the two up
• salt & pepper
• Old Bay
• lemon or lime
• paprika
• garlic
• onion powder (or fresh onions of your choice)
• broiler pan lined with Reynolds wrap (to make cleaning easier)
• fork & spatula

Butter or oil your broiler pan lined with Reynolds wrap. Place the fillets skin-side down (if the skin is gone, take a guess which is the skin side) and squeeze lemon or lime juice on them. Teriyaki sauce is an option at this point as well. Salt and pepper them to taste, sprinkle them with paprika and Old Bay and then drizzle butter or olive oil or a mixture over them and pop under the broiler. (This part is up to you ) They are done when a fork inserted in the thickest part of the fillet and twisted will flake the fillet apart. This depends on the thickness of the fillets. As soon as you see the white icky looking stuff coming out of the top of the fillet, check them for doneness with the fork. Don’t walk out of the kitchen when you have fish under the broiler, or you will probably have charcoal briquettes when you return - broiled fish takes a very few minutes to cook.

This isn’t as good as fried fish, but enjoy anyway.

Capt. Charlie



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