Grilled, Louisiana Bayou Style (BBQ) Redfish:

At redfish cleaning time cut fillet off the carcass, do not skin or scale the fillet (important), leave both on it, you may trim out the rib bones. Just don't get easier than that !

Cooking: gas or (charcoal low fire well burnt down to coals) don't try to rush this it only takes about 20 minutes anyway. Place redfish fillets skin and scale side down onto grill, do not turn, let scales turn black and smoke, not to worry just go slow.

Baste every couple of minutes with BBQ mix of butter / bbq sauce, spices, it's customary to add a lot of spice (red pepper) in the bayou country but some onion and Gallic are important. Amounts are to taste:

A 1 lb butter tub (do not melt !), 3/4 of a 16 oz. bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce, finely diced small onion, and a clove of minced garlic will get it started. Take the sauce ingredients and run through a blender, slather on thickly top side of fish only, very often (1-2 minutes).

Its easy to tell when the redfish is done, you can check it with a fork from the top side to see if it flakes nicely and has turned white all the way through. caution when it's done use a spatula and some tongs to pick it up skin and all. You can, with a little practice slide the meat off the burnt black skin (normal condition) it just slides right off so be careful, onto a plate intact, discard nasty looking skin, or better yet, eat as the locals down the bayou do, slide right on a toasted hamburger bun, plain or "dressed" as they say down there with your favorite fixings, lettuce tomato pickles onion, whatever.

Very easy to clean the fish for this, sauce takes less than 5 minutes to make (keep it cold) not melted, one dirty knife and a blender, simple.

First timers will be put off if they see the burnt skin before tasting, don't show them, it's left there to protect the meat and tin foil is a poor replacement (it sticks), for this type cooking. Note: this recipe is best for upper-small, to medium size redfish, the large fish are just too thick to cook like this without a lot of practice and a darned small fire! Small fish will cook very quick but will work (12 minutes).

Jurgen and Sam & family, Fishing E Net Magazine.

(I went for about 15 years of cooking red fish before learning this way to do them and it really moves red fish up the food chain a long way!)

ps. I know the above are trout and the recipe is for redfish but this was the only current family picture we had and usually by the time we have the redfish grilled, nobody is thinking about the camera.....Jurgen

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