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Pigfish (Orthopristis chrysoptera) are in the grunt family and are another good bait for most bottom fish. Tarpon are also particularly fond of them. I have read that they are a fair-flavored panfish, but I think it’s time to tell you that I am not in the habit of eating my bait - and pigfish are bait on my boat. I have a credo that I share with "Ziggy" in the funny papers; "I consider it a successful fishing day if my catch outweighs the bait." So don't forget: pigfish are bait. They do grow to about a foot in length and are best used from a still or very slowly drifting boat. They will not troll well, but most fish do like to eat them. Usually we catch pigfish when we are gold-hooking for other baits so we don't expect to get a well full, just a few at a time. Those of you who don’t own boats, please remember: when I write about a still or slowly drifting boat, the same can be applied to pier or bridge fishing.

Capt. Charlie

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