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Elops saurus - known as ladyfish, skipjacks, cuban tarpon, banana fish, ten-pounder, Macabi and lots of other names. Ladyfish are great big fish bait. As live bait for kingfish or barracuda they can't be beat. They can be caught easily with hook and line either trolling small spoons or anchored and chumming with small baits out on the hooks. You will often catch them when mackerel fishing in the summer, since they frequent the same areas and eat the same food. They are also great sport on light tackle, hence the name ten pounder. They are usually under 3 or 4 pounds, but they put up a leaping, acrobatic fight worthy of a fish twice their size. By all means: if you can find ladyfish, use them for bait! Of course if you just want to have light tackle fun, catch and release.

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