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Capt. Charlie’s Basic Recipes

If you have met me, then you know that food plays an important role in my life, second only to fishing. I have spent a great deal of time during my fifty + years developing my body and I now have a considerably expensive maintenance diet to keep it in the shape that I have developed. Of course it is the same shape that millions of exercise fanatics spend billions of dollars each year to change. My philosophy is, why change, spend the money to maintain instead.

My Recipes:

Smoked Fish Spread

Broiled Grouper Throats

7 Minute Gourmet Grouperghetti Sauce

Baked Fish!?

Seafood Chowder

Oysters Johnny Reb

Fried Fish

•Broiled Fish

•Grilled Fish

•Bar-B-Que'd Stuffed Fish

Bacon Wrapped Kingfish Medallions

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